Bluttropfen getrocknet auf Probe

Tips for the perfect blood sample

Drawing your own blood – even if it’s just a few drops – takes a bit of courage and determination for some people. To ensure that you get enough blood from your fingertip right away and that it is transported correctly (in the case of lab tests), we have put together a few practical tips for the perfect blood draw!

The right timing

  • Sample collection at the beginning of the week (Mon-Tue)
  • Same day shipment

In this way, you keep the transport route as short as possible so that the samples arrive well preserved at our laboratory – and you get your results faster!

kiweno rapid tests such as the Vitamin D rapid test can of course be performed on any day of the week.

Promote blood flow

  • Hold hands under warm water for 3 minutes
  • Circle arm 5-10 times in large movements

This step is especially important so that you can collect enough blood for your sample.

ATTENTION: Too small amounts of blood cannot be evaluated!

Proper disinfection

  • Let fingers dry completely (!) after disinfection – and do not blow on the finger!
  • DO NOT use the first drop of blood – it contains disinfectant residues and tissue fluid.

During the sample collection

  • Put your hand on a firm surface (e.g. table)
  • Choose a finger with as little callus as possible
  • Press the lancet firmly to the side of your fingertip and only then release it
  • Hold the puncture site down
  • Gently massage several times from the palm to the fingertip

Strong squeezing or pressing of the fingertip must be avoided! Escaping tissue fluid can falsify the result.

ATTENTION: Our lancets are a disposable product and may therefore only be used once.

Proper sample volume

For dried blood spot procedures (e.g., histamine intolerance, Covid-19 antibody test):

  • The circles must be 100% filled (circle number see instructions).
  • Then let them air-dry for 2 hours – no blowing, no blow-drying, no direct sunlight.

For tests with blood tubes (e.g. incompatibility test):

  • Fill the tube with blood up to the marking line (300 μl).
  • Do not stop blood collection until the marking line is reached.

IMPORTANT: Too small amounts of blood will NOT be evaluated!

Korrektes Probenvolumen für kiweno Tests

Second try – now it’s bound to work!

  • Sample collection did not work the first time?
  • Please contact our support team at [email protected]. Tell us that the sample collection did not work and request a new collection set.
  • It is best to provide a shipping address as well. Keep the return envelope, instructions, your ID card and the small label with the code.
  • Everything else will be sent to you again for a second try. With the above tips, you are now well prepared!

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