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Take responsibility for your health! With our rapid tests and laboratory tests for home use, personal recommendations for action and many tips & tricks, we accompany you on your personal path to increased well-being.

Rapid tests

Our certified rapid tests (vitamin D and ferritin) were developed together with a German laboratory and offer you a lot of flexibility! With just a few drops of blood, your smartphone and the appropriate kiweno app, you have your laboratory-precise micronutrient value in your hands in 15-20 minutes. Whenever and wherever you want!

  • Box bestellen

    Order test kit

    Simply order your suitable test kit online. Delivery takes place within a few days.

  • Sample collection

    With the test kit you have everything you need to easily and safely draw a few drops of blood. These are applied to a test cassette.

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    Get results

    After 15 minutes, your smartphone camera, in conjunction with the appropriate kiweno app, reads out your lab-accurate result value.

  • Empfehlungen


    You will receive recommendations for action that match your results.

  • Ergebnisse

    Track over time

    Repeat the test every few months to keep a sustained eye on your levels and check the effectiveness of your actions.

Test instructions

You find the tests exciting, but can not yet imagine how the procedure really works?

Here you will find the video instructions for both quick tests that will help you to perform your test at home without any prior medical knowledge!

Frau hält Smartphone und kiweno Ferritin Schnelltest in die Kamera

Our rapid tests

Lab tests

Unlike our rapid tests, the samples you take in our lab tests are sent free of charge to our partner laboratory for analysis.

  • Box bestellen

    Order test kit

    Simply order your suitable test kit online. Delivery takes place within a few days.

  • Blut abnehmen

    Sample collection

    Depending on the test, take a few drops of blood or a saliva sample. No prior medical knowledge necessary!

  • Analysis

    Your sample will be analyzed in an accredited partner laboratory.

  • Ergebnisse


    Get your personal result and recommendations for action, which you can access anytime and anywhere.

Test instructions

The sample collection for our laboratory tests can be done in 3 different ways, depending on the test.

If you would like to take a closer look at the sample collection, we have compiled detailed instructions for you here:

Capillary blood

This collection with sample tubes is used, for example, in the food intolerance test (only available in Austria).


The sample collection with blood filter paper concerns e.g. our histamine intolerance test or the Covid-19 antibody test.

Saliva sample

For our lactose intolerance test, you take a saliva sample by means of a cheek swab.

Our lab tests

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