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Empowering your health

Helping people to be healthy and taking responsibility for it – that has been our mission for over 10 years. It all started with our diagnostic home tests to determine intolerances, allergies or nutrient deficiencies.

Today, suitable nutritional supplements round off our offer, with which we support you in following your individual path to a balanced lifestyle and maximum well-being!

Das kiweno Team

Who are we?

We as kiweno are a small, innovative healthcare company based in Tyrol, Austria. Strictly speaking, we are no longer a startup – but we have retained the spontaneity, personality and ambition to make the world a little better over the years!

Our kiweno team around the founders Robert Fuschelberger and Dr. Roland Fuschelberger, general practitioner and specialist for internal medicine, consists of a handful of young, motivated people who have made the mission of kiweno their own. Together we keep our finger on the pulse to give you everything you need to take more responsibility for your health!

That’s why, since 2018, we’ve been part of Immundiagnostik AG in Germany, an established diagnostics company and laboratory with whom we’re collaborating to explore new trends and technologies in the health sector and develop user-friendly home health products. For a healthy future!

  • Your Stories

    „So far I have done the intolerance test and the histamine intolerance test from KIWENO and both times I was thrilled by the uncomplicated procedure and the significance of the result.“

    — Susi, blogger
    susi schwarzl mit kiweno unvertraeglichkeitentest
  • Your Stories

    „It’s actually just a little pinch that makes a big difference. I now feel good every day! I also perform better in sports.“

    — Julia, kiweno customer
  • Your Stories

    „I know this from my own experience: you have digestive problems, but no idea where they come from… The excessive demand is great. You just want clarity, some kind of result. A self-test like this one from kiweno can help here.“

    — Angie, blogger

Why do we exist?

Many of us know from our own experience what it means not to find the right solution for an individual problem in the existing system of conventional medicine.

On the one hand, our health care system is strongly focussed on treating existing problems instead of starting at prevention. In addition, due to the large number of patients, doctors often do not have the time to deal in detail with their medical history and individual life situations in order to find a personal solution.

Therefore, we have made it our goal to question existing approaches and structures of conventional medicine and, where appropriate, to complement them.

How can we help you?

  • Box bestellen

    Order test kit

    Simply order your test kit online. It will be delivered to you within a few days.

  • Blut abnehmen

    Sample collection

    Depending on the test, take a few drops of blood or a saliva sample. No prior medical knowledge necessary!

  • Analysis

    Depending on the test, your sample will either be analyzed in an accredited partner laboratory or, in the case of rapid tests, directly from your smartphone.

  • Ergebnisse


    Get your personal result and recommendations for action, which you can access anytime and anywhere.

  • Empfehlungen

    Tips & advice

    Together with your results you get actionable advice and insight to improve your wellbeing.

In order to solve problems, they must first be identified and their causes found. We try to support you with our laboratory diagnostic self-tests for home.

You can perform your test safely and easily at home and get an accurate picture of your current condition. All of our tests have been developed in collaboration with certified laboratories and medical professionals.

Based on your personal test results, you will receive suitable information and recommendations for action to sustainably increase your well-being.


Which test is the right one for me?

Not sure which test is right for you? We are happy to help you find the right test for your symptoms and needs: