Bluttropfen getrocknet auf Probe

this is how it works

For some tests, such as the Histamine Intolerance Test or the Covid-19 Antibody Test, we need a few drops of blood, which is dropped onto a blood filter paper (dried blood spot) and then analyzed in the lab.

We understand that at first, drawing your own blood may sound a little intimidating. But don’t worry: we can promise you that with your kiweno test kit and the included instructions, you’ll have all the information you need to safely collect a sample!

Video tutorial (in German)

To help you visualize the process, we’ve also put together a video tutorial for you here:

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Step by step instructions

The most important steps from the supplied instructions are summarized again here.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to guarantee a valid test evaluation, please make sure to follow the individual steps of the instructions for use supplied in the test kit exactly!

Step 1

Read the accompanying booklet carefully before taking the blood sample. For some tests, it is important to register on the my.kiweno online platform in order to access your test results. Then, before you start the test, don’t forget to register on my.kiweno and deposit your ID code.
Please note: For a Covid-19 antibody lab test, this registration is not required. You will receive the result by mail.

Packungsinhalt eines kiweno Dried Bloodspot Tests

Step 2

Place all the utensils contained in the transparent plastic bag on an absorbent, clean surface (e.g. handkerchief or kitchen roll). Open the envelope of the blood filter paper and place it in front of you. Also have the dry swab unpacked and ready.

Step 3

Label the back of the blood filter paper sleeve.

Important: Please do not touch the blood filter paper inside.

Umschlag des Blutfilterpapiers
Vor der Blutabnahme Hände waschen

Step 4

Wash your hands and then hold them under warm water for at least 2-3 minutes. For optimal blood flow and smooth testing, your fingers must be warm.

Step 5

Take the alcohol swab from the packaging and use it to disinfect the fingertip that you have selected for removal. Then allow the fingertip to dry completely.

Important: Please do not touch anything with your finger after disinfection and do not blow on it to avoid contamination.

Finger desinfizieren
Schutzhülle der Lanzette abziehen

Step 6

Pull the protective cover of the lancet off the lancet with a rotating movement around its own axis.

Caution: The lancet is a disposable lancet and can only be released once.

Step 7

Place the hand on a stable surface with the back of the hand facing down. Place the lancet firmly on the front, lateral area of the fingertip. Then press firmly on the trigger with a free finger. You will feel a short prick.

Auslösen der Lanzette
Finger massieren um Bluttropfen zu bilden

Step 8

Now massage the finger vigorously from the palm to the fingertip until a large drop of blood has formed and gently wipe it off with the enclosed dry swab. Only the second drop should be placed on the blood filter paper.
Important: Avoid squeezing or pressing the fingertip too hard, otherwise tissue fluid could enter the tube.

Step 9

Drop blood onto the perforated circles until they are completely filled with blood.

Important: In the respective booklet accompanying your kiweno test, you will find how many circles you should fill with blood in order to guarantee a valid test evaluation. Please do not touch the blood filter paper!

Kreise mit Blut füllen bei Dried-Blood-Spot Verfahren

Step 10

Stop your bleeding by pressing on the dry swab and sticking a band-aid on your finger.

Step 11

Now allow the blood filter paper to dry for 2 hours at room temperature.

Important: Please do not fold it up beforehand and do not touch it. Also avoid direct sunlight and drafty places.

Blutfilterpapier mit Blutkreis zum trocknen
Blutfilterpapier in Umschlag packen

Step 12

Once the blood filter paper is completely dry, place it in the clear plastic bag and then in the gray return envelope.

Step 13

Place the return envelope on a flat surface, peel off the adhesive strip and close it carefully without creasing. Please label the envelope and bring it immediately to the nearest post office. Once we have received the blood sample, you will receive a notification via SMS.

Rücksendeumschlag beschriftet
Ergebnisse online abrufen

Step 14

After a few days you will receive your individual test results and further information either in the previously created my.kiweno profile (histamine intolerance) or by e-mail.


It wasn’t that hard, was it? 😉

If you have some problems with blood collection, here are some extra tips.

Otherwise, we wish you much joy with your result and much success on your personal way to more well-being!

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