How and why does vitamin D deficiency develop?

Above all, lifestyle is decisive: few stays in the fresh air and thus no direct UV radiation are reflected in a low vitamin D content. In addition, heavy metal pollution in the body can play a role, for example through smoking. Such chronic stresses can lead to a blockage of vitamin D activation. Biological age also has an influence, as kidney function, which is important for vitamin D metabolism, decreases over the years. For this reason, older people in particular should make sure that they get enough exercise in the fresh air. Seasons and latitude also influence vitamin D levels: low sun intensity in winter and short periods of sunshine have a negative effect. Digestive disorders can also play a further role: chronic liver and/or gallbladder diseases and disorders of the digestive tract, through which fats are poorly absorbed, reduce the absorption and storage of vitamin D.


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Why testing

The kiweno nutrition test brings you clarity: The test gives you information at a glance about the tolerance of over 70 tested foods. We test the compatibility of the specific protein components of foods. Results and further nutritional recommendations help you to find your optimal diet.

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Five test kits for taking blood samples
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Is there still something unclear about your test results or the subject of food intolerances? Have a look at our FAQ or contact us directly!