Information: Vitamin D rapid self-test

How does the kiweno vitamin d rapid self-test work?

Our innovative vitamin d rapid test gives you exact results within minutes. The rapid test is used to determine the vitamin D concentration in the blood. Our kiweno vitamin d-app guides you through the entire test procedure: For this we need a few drops of blood, which are applied to the test cassette and then evaluated by your smartphone. The concentration of 25-OH-D in your blood is measured, which causes the test strip to react in colour so that your smartphone can display the result.

Please note: Nutrient concentrations always show your current nutrient supply. The tested laboratory values and hints should be a guide. The results are used exclusively for prevention and optimization of your diet. They should not replace treatment by a doctor. The results of the kiweno vitamin D test therefore do not represent symptoms or diagnoses.

Attention, not all smartphones are supported!

Detailed information about the quick test and which devices and operating systems are required can be found here: Information about vitamin d rapid self-test.

The kiweno vitamin d-App is supported by the following devices and operating systems.

* Apple devices require an operating system of version 10 or higher
* Android devices require an operating system of version 5 or higher


Apple iPhone 5s
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6s
Apple iPhone 6+
Apple iPhone 6s+
Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE (2nd generation)
Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7+
Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8+
Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS Max
Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12 mini
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)
Huawei P8 lite
Huawei P9 Lite
Huawei P10 Standard Edition
Huawei P10 lite
Huawei P20 lite
Huawei P20
Huawei P20pro
Huawei P30 Lite
Huawei P30
Huawei P30pro
Huawei P40 Lite E
Huawei Honor 8
Huawei Honor 8x
Huawei Honor 9
Huawei Honor 10
Huawei Honor 10 lite
Huawei Honor Play
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Mate 20 X
Huawei Mate 20 X (5. Variant)
Motorola Moto G4 Play
Motorola Moto G5 plus
Motorola Moto Z2 Play
Motorola Moto Z2 Play
Motorola Moto X4
Motorola Nexus 6
Nokia 7.1
Nokia 7.2
Nokia 8
LG Nexus 5X
LG V20
Fairphone 3
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel 5
Oneplus 5T
Oneplus 6T
OnePlus 8
OnePlus 8 Pro
Xiaomi Pocophone
Xiaomi Redmi 5
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi Redmi 7
Xiaomi Redmi 8
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A6
Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A6+
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy A20s
Samsung Galaxy A30
Samsung Galaxy A40 (2019)
Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019)
Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019)
Samsung Galaxy A70
Samsung Galaxy A90
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 (not FE and Plus)
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

We are working hard to add as many devices as possible to the list. If your device is not supported, feel free to contact us and we will add your device to our to-do list to make it work as soon as possible!

Here you can download the kiweno vitamin d-app!


VIDEO: vitamin d rapid self-test

Market innovation:

Market innovation: Turn your phone into a lab!


VIDEO: How does the test work?

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