Test instructions

simple & fast - the kiweno tests

1 | Order test kit online

At kiweno.com you can order our test kits online. The delivery will be within a few days.

2 | Performing at home

Our test kits contain all the ingredients you need to take a small amount of blood, urine or saliva easily and safely from home. After the self-collection you can evaluate your test directly at home. Your smartphone is all you need to get your results.

3 | Analysis by experts

Your results will be made available to you directly. Your results are based on standardised test procedures, which can be used to make statements about vitamin D, intolerances, intolerances or nutrient supply.

4 | Call up your results online

You can always retrieve your results directly in your app.

5 | Understanding & managing nutrition

Know what’s good for me: Get valuable tips for your optimal nutrition, learn how good life tastes despite intolerances and find out how to supply your body with all the important nutrients it needs.

Do you have questions?

Is there anything else unclear to you about the kiweno tests and their implementation? Have a look at our FAQs or contact us directly!