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Turn your smartphone into a lab! The kiweno ferritin quick test helps you to keep an eye on your storage iron level and to detect an iron deficiency as early as possible.

What and how to test

  • Your ferritin value (also called storage iron value) in laboratory quality, with only a few drops of blood.
  • Depending on your ferritin concentration in the blood, the color strip on the test cassette reacts. With the kiweno Ferritin app, your smartphone camera reads the color strip and provides you with your exact value in 15 minutes.
  • Certified test method. Developed with an accredited German laboratory.

What do you get

  • Clear result with clear recommendations for action for increased well-being.
  • All your ferritin results over time in the app to check the effectiveness of your actions and keep your iron levels permanently under control.

Possible symptoms of iron deficiency

  • Fatigue, listlessness, sleep disturbances
  • Nervousness, inner restlessness, moodiness
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Brittle nails, cracked corners of the mouth

Scope of delivery: Test kit including all necessary components and instructions. The smartphone shown in the picture is not included in the scope of delivery.

How it works

  • Collect blood sample at home

    With the kiweno self-sampling test kit, you can safely take a few drops of blood from your fingertip – without any prior medical knowledge.

    Important! All utensils for sample collection are included in the product.

  • Mobile Icon Kiweno

    Read result

    After 15 minutes of waiting, your smartphone camera in conjunction with the kiweno Ferritin App will read your exact iron stores value.

  • Empfehlungen

    Receive recommendations for action

    You will receive individual recommendations for action based on your ferritin value. On our knowledge platform you will find a lot more exciting information about iron deficiency!

  • Ergebnisse

    Keeping values in mind

    Repeat the ferritin test every few months to keep track of your levels over time.

Turn your phone into a lab

Save yourself long waiting times at the doctor’s office or the lab. Draw a few drops of blood yourself with these instructions – your smartphone will do the rest!

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Video tutorial (in German)
  • Your Stories

    „In the past, I had to measure my iron level at the doctor’s every few months, so I already know how much iron I normally have to take. With the quick test, I now keep track of my progress myself.“

    — Flora, kiweno Productmanagerin


What is ferritin?
Ferritin is a protein molecule in which iron is stored. Most ferritin is found in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. A small amount of ferritin travels in our bloodstreams and is a proxy for all ferritin in iron diagnostics. So when ferritin is measured in the blood, this value indicates how well your iron stores are filled overall, and thus whether you may be deficient or oversupplied.
What functions does iron perform in the body?
The most important function that iron performs is the formation of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells. As the largest component of this protein, iron not only gives the red blood cells their red color but also enables the transport of oxygen. Iron also plays an important role in the immune system. The production of immune cells is stimulated by iron and thus helps to protect you from pathogens. In the muscles, iron ensures better performance and allows higher strains. This also applies to the brain if the nerves are supplied by the iron with enough oxygen. With a balanced iron balance, you thus gain in performance and cognitive skills such as concentration get easier.
How does iron deficiency develop?
We speak of an iron deficiency when the daily intake of iron cannot cover the demand. If this imbalance persists over the long term, iron stores become increasingly depleted and the body gradually loses its performance capacity. There are various causes that can lead to such an imbalance and to an iron deficiency. Basically it is due to the fact that
  • too little iron is absorbed an unbalanced diet (vegan, vegetarian), digestive disorders, chronic diseases
  • there is a higher need for iron pregnancy, breastfeeding, growth phases, competitive sports
  • the body loses too much iron menstruation, blood donation, internal bleeding
How does the ferritin rapid test work? Why do you need an app?
The test system of the kiweno ferritin rapid test consists of an immunological rapid test that detects ferritin (iron storage protein) in capillary blood and a smartphone app that quantitatively evaluates the result of the rapid test based on the color intensity of the control and test bands. The result is displayed on the smartphone used and stored only there. The system requirements and supported devices can be found here.
Which smartphones are supported by the Ferritin rapid test?
The kiweno Ferritin app, which is required for the test procedure, is currently supported the following devices:
We are working continuously to add as many devices as possible to the list. If your device is not supported, feel free to contact us and we will add your device to our to-do list to make it work as soon as possible! More detailed information about the rapid test and its procedure can be found here.
What data is stored?
The data collected with the kiweno ferritin rapid test are only available on your smartphone! There is no transmission of the measured values. Only for product improvement, anonymous data, such as crashes, are transmitted to the company kiweno.
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