Why kiweno?

kiweno offers you the key to a completely new attitude towards life: Increased energy, sharpened concentration and a significantly improved well-being are only some of the positive changes that await you on your way with kiweno.

The experts for your health

We are creating a new way of thinking about health: we offer innovative self-assessment tests with online test results that can be called up at any time. This enables you to understand your nutritional needs and simply take responsibility for your health. Our accredited laboratories guarantee the highest quality standards.

Valuable health tips support you on your way. For your optimal care, we work together with renowned experts in medicine, nutrition and technology. Decide now to take the first step into a healthy, fit and powerful future with kiweno.


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The special thing about kiweno

Unique health platform

Always keep the overview: With my.kiweno you have your test results with you wherever you go.

All test results at a glance

Simple and intuitive: The results of your kiweno tests are combined.

Fast mail shipping

Order your kiweno test kit before 12 noon and it will be shipped the same day. Start into a healthier life now!

Standardized test procedure

kiweno meets the highest quality standards: Your samples are analyzed according to standardized procedures.

Maximum data protection

Your data will remain with you: they will be treated confidentially and never passed on to third parties.

Our experts for your health

Behind kiweno is an experienced team of experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition and technology - for your optimal care.