When is supplementation with vitamin D useful?

If a vitamin D deficiency has been diagnosed, especially in winter and with an office job, vitamin D supplementation is definitely sensible. More and more often, vitamin D is also used as a supplement in therapy. A balanced vitamin D balance leads to a significant improvement in bone structure. Vitamin D supplementation is therefore recommended especially for people with osteoporosis.
A high vitamin D supplementation is also frequently used for inflammation and pain. Vitamin D is important for the improvement of classic inflammation parameters such as CRP or cytokines. The administration of cod liver oil (contains a lot of vitamin D) is also well known in cases of illness. The positive effect on the immune system is increasingly confirmed by science: Vitamin D is beneficial for your immune system!
Sunlight and vitamin D also seem to play a major role in the nervous disease multiple sclerosis. In areas with a lot of sunlight, the clinical picture hardly ever occurs. Intervention studies with vitamin D also show a stabilising effect, i.e. an improvement in characteristics.
Vitamin D is also administered in high doses in the case of psoriasis: Vitamin D helps to regulate and develop healthy skin cells and thus supports a healthy skin appearance.
Vitamin D is also important for dental health: the risk of periodontosis and tooth loss is reduced.
A still open research topic is the connection between vitamin D and some forms of cancer. Some studies indicate an improvement in the clinical picture, but more research is needed.

As with all diagnostic tests, you should not make a final assessment based on a single result, but only after the clinical picture has been fully clarified by your attending physician.

Your supplementation should be based on your current vitamin D level so that the correct dose is taken.



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