kiweno – what does it actually mean?

The “ki” of kiweno originates from the Japanese “Ki”, better known as “Chi”. In Far Eastern medicine, “ki” refers to the “life energy” that underlies all life. The “-weno” of kiweno is derived from the English “we know”. In short, we know about your body with the help of our test procedures and would like to help you to find your life energy again and to bring you and your body into balance.


Food intolerances and
✓ 70+ test individual foods and histamine simultaneously
✓two simple blood tests for at home
✓comprehensible results online
✓individual dietary recommendations
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Safe and fast blood test for self-collection from home

This is how it works - quite simply and at any time from home.

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Your results online at a glance

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Our accredited lab will analyze your blood sample

Your blood is analysed and evaluated by an experienced laboratory.

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