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A general feeling of indisposition hinders you in your daily life with the smallest tasks. Food intolerances or a lack of minerals can also influence the general willingness to perform and zest for life. Employees are distracted from their actual tasks and lose a lot of energy when trying to cover up their own problems.

At the same time, job satisfaction is essential nowadays when it comes to employee loyalty to the company and their commitment to work. A company that takes care of its employees and provides them with the best possible working conditions can usually count on reliable and motivated employees. The implementation of workplace health promotion can be a step in the right direction.

kiweno is the right partner for your workplace health promotion!

Our tests can reveal food intolerances, intolerances or nutrient deficiencies and thus the cause for many everyday complaints such as stomach aches, tiredness or listlessness. The collection of the capillary blood sample takes only a few minutes and can be done from anywhere. After sending in the sample, the results are available on our platform and can be viewed at any time. Time-consuming doctor’s appointments can thus be avoided.

Managing the health of your employees is therefore not only a responsibility towards your employees, but also has great advantages for your company as a whole. Our concern is to support you in the best possible way. Increase the job satisfaction and the physical well-being of your employees and achieve higher goals together with your employees!

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Behind kiweno is an experienced team of experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition and technology - for your optimal care.

Why testing

✓ Food intolerances can be the cause of flatulence, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, headaches, fatigue and bad skin. Due to the delayed reaction of the body, self-diagnosis by means of an elimination diet is often not possible. The kiweno intolerance test provides information about the tolerance of over 70 foods.

✓ Histamine intolerance can be the cause of skin rashes, itching and breathing difficulties. The tolerated amount of histamine is individual for each person and is related, among other things, to the body’s ability to break down the enzyme DAO. The kiweno Histamine Intolerance Test tests the amount of the histamine degrading enzyme DAO in the body.

✓ Results and further nutritional recommendations help to find the optimal nutrition and to increase well-being.

✓ Comparable tests can cost several hundred euros, depending on the insurance company and the region where the doctor is located. Our partner laboratories are accredited and certified and have many years of experience in the analysis of intolerances.