Experts for health

We are known as experts in health and self-testing. Because we know: Knowledge is the key. Knowing about yourself has a significant impact on your well-being.

What is kiweno?

We are an innovative healthcare company specializing in self-assessment tests for nutrients, food intolerances and intolerances, as well as intuitive presentation of results. Our goal is to encourage people to actively engage with their health and to strengthen it preventively. Through the founders’ own involvement, years of medical experience and research and development, a successful company has developed.


Our constantly growing product portfolio helps you to be healthy. Our test kits provide easy access to medically and nutritionally useful laboratory tests that complement the existing medical range on the market.

Why we founded kiweno

The idea for the foundation of kiweno arose from the own consternation of co-founder Bianca Gfrei. Together with the co-founders Dr. med. Roland Fuschelberger and Robert Fuschelberger they set themselves the goal of making self-acceptance tests accessible to everyone. Their vision: to revolutionize health thinking and give people back the responsibility for their health.
The word kiweno is composed of two pillars: on the one hand the “ki” which originates from Far Eastern medicine and means “life energy”. On the other side the “-weno”, English for “we know”. In short: We help you to understand what is good for you and your body.

With our test kits nutrient profiles and food intolerances can be determined – easily and safely from home. The clear and intuitive data preparation on our health platform shows you the optimal fuel for your body. Further tips and recommendations help you to activate your life energy and to start into a healthy future.

Our expert advisory board

We rely on the support and advice of renowned experts from science, medicine and business. Learn more about our experts here.